I will be in Búzios Brazil for the Imbody Wellness Pleasurable Wellness Retreat - Brazil Edition.  For more information click here.

This special retreat, tailored especially for women,  will allow you to discover, feel, explore, and  apply the skills and know-how from the  three components  that make up the basis of human physical well-being:

Feel your body

Activate your ancestral mechanisms to navigate through wellness with pleasure and ease. Discover how the sensorial network operates within your body to guide you to healthy behaviors.  Reconnect with healing feminine sexuality and intuition.

Nourish your body

Discover the basics of healing and enjoyable food that nourishes from within, awakens the senses, and brings true pleasure. Connect to the powerful mechanisms that have been used by humans for millennia to stay well and healthy. Unlearn the misconceptions and find out the simple truths about nourishment, experience healthy & enjoyable eating, and learn how you can incorporate it into your day-to-day life.

Move your body

Encounter the most invigorating physical activity for your body type and reach full range of motion.  Find out what our body requires to be agile and alert and how your movements shape your health and wellness.  Find balance in your practice and learn of the importance of healing rest.