The Foundation 101 Webinar: A Guide to Relationships, Intimacy and Connections

Join Shula Melamed MA MPH, a leading relationship coach in New York City, for an inspiring workshop and discussion focused on intimacy, sexuality, and building better relationships. This two hour online workshop is a condensed version of The Foundation, her four-week long online workshop.

Whether you are single or partnered, we will cover topics such as self-love, communication, pleasure, and sexuality. Shula brings the knowledge she has learned from coaching clients, facilitating workshops, and researching psychology and sexuality to bring an impactful experience to each participant to feel empowered about themselves and their desires. Whether looking for advice on how to spice things up or just looking to have questions about relationships and dating answered, come join the workshop for a judgement free and open-minded space. Knowledge is power, so get ready to dig deep, get real, and have some fun!

Cost of the ticket includes a free 15 minute video chat consultation with Shula.

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