Relationships: Knowledge is power!

Getting what you want in and out of relationships is intrinsically tied to knowing what you want. 

Whether you are single or partnered one of the most important practices you can pursue is getting clear on what you want in relationships. 

How can we figure out what we want and how to move forward?

Why is it so difficult to get clear on what we want and where we want to go in relationships? 

We will discuss common misperceptions that create confusion and I will share some of my tried and true exercises to access your deepest desires. 

Join us for wine and conversation addressing the issues people struggle with when it comes to their personal lives; dating, intimacy, pleasure, partnership etc etc. Second Sundays at the Cobble Hill location 195 Pacific St. at the corner of Court St. 

Submit questions or topics of interest anonymously (ok I will know who asked but will not reveal the source if you want to be kept anonymous!) by contacting me at

Brooklyn Strength is an inclusive Safe Space: singles and couples welcome. All gender assignments, sexual preference/interest welcome.

Space is limited so please RSVP