One on One Coaching is where we acknowledge desires, create possibilities for change, refine and set goals that inspire.  

This is an active process where we collaborate on your growth in the domains of love, health, wellness, and sexuality.  One area can touch another and I am here to help you integrate to create harmony in your life. 

Our work will be interactive. We will work together on getting you where you want to be and in the process maybe even discover places you never knew you wanted to go.  I offer 3,6,12 month programs as well as one on one weekend intensives.  We will identify any patterns or experiences that might have given rise to challenges in your life.  We will examine narratives and question the assumptions you might have about your life or its possibilities.  We will show your self imposed limitations the door and get on with the business of being your brightest, boldest self. 


Ongoing coaching:

My clients come to me to discuss:

  • Creating meaningful change in their lives

  • Difficulty meeting people, or meeting the right people.

  • Performance anxiety on dates and social situations.

  • Experiencing emotional or physical ruts or fatigue in their current relationships.

  • Desire to explore issues related to sexuality and pleasure.

  • Are reentering the world of dating and intimacy after a long hiatus.

One on one social skills or date coaching:

3 hour simulated date with me where you will have the chance to display your dating "style".  After the date you will be provided with individualized feedback and impressions made during the interaction. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any consistent challenges you have experienced in connecting with people. 

The first two hours we will through a simulated social interaction or date.  The last hour is spent with me giving you feedback on what kind of impression you gave.  We will discuss what I observed in our interaction and you will share with me some of the challenges you have come across in social interactions. All potential clients will be subject to a background check. To purchase a session click here.

Please read testimonials below to see what clients are saying about the experience!



One on one coaching

“Shula was great, her coaching was professional and encouraging, never critical.  I was concerned that it might be awkward, but she was engaging and put things at ease quickly.  Her advice has been of immense help in both my personal and professional lives and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

- MR

"Shula was able to help me see the most basic red flags that we tend to overlook and make excuses for and try a fresh approach.  I received some clarity on a part of my life I had been really unclear with relating to balance and other aspects of myself that I have pushed aside."


"I am so glad I had my sessions with Shula. She is insightful and gentle, but pulls no punches and helped me to see where I was getting in my own way and how to knock it off and enjoy the moment. I'm a much more relaxed dater now and am enjoying the process finally."


"Shula's intuition and intelligence, when combined with her academic acumen, make her perception and advice nothing less than uniquely invaluable."


"When I first began sessions with Shula, I was having a difficult time processing a major breakup and didn't know where to begin with the tedious and painful healing journey. Talking with her weekly gave me the courage to dive into not only the aftermath of an emotionally draining relationship, but also (perhaps more importantly) my own journey of self discovery. Her encouraging attitude and open mind helped me to further navigate the processes of letting go, connecting with my emotions, and finding self worth again. Can't express enough gratitude for the support she has given me the past several months!"


Simulated Date Testimonials

"The mock date with Shula was hands down the best single investment I have made in my dating life.  It is very difficult to get real time feedback on how we are coming across and how we might be impeding our chances of success.  In a little over three hours she was able to pick apart and diagnose habits and behaviors that have been holding me back for years.  Go into things with an open mind and a healthy dose of humility (she doesn't pull any punches) and you will be richly rewarded."

- DS

“Shula was great, her coaching was professional and encouraging, never critical.  I was concerned that it might be awkward, but she was engaging and put things at ease quickly.  Her advice has been of immense help in both my personal and professional lives and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

- MR

"I went on a simulated date a few weeks ago with Shula, I was quite nervous and did not know what to expect. But Shula proved to be very warm, ingratiating and ultimately extremely helpful. Her insights and feedback into the date were insightful, revealing and information that I would have never received on a regular date, I am pleased to say that she was the push I needed in the right direction and literally jump started my confidence. The experience turned out to be invaluable and well worth it."

- SC

"My meeting with Shula was an absolute pleasure. In what could have easily been an uncomfortable scenario, she immediately set me at ease, and I found it perfectly natural to be candid with her. Shula offered an informed, objective perspective across a range of topics. She was at all times professional, yet never cold or detached. By the end, I felt as if I had a fresh set of eyes with which to examine aspects of myself and my life which had previously held me back."


 "I had recently ended a 15 year relationship and just started to date again.   Soon I was incredibly frustrated because my dates were going no where.   I did a quick Google search to see what I could do to improve my dating life and somehow I found Shula.

I quickly contacted her to set up our "simulated date".   It was great.   She was very friendly but more importantly highly analytical and intuitive.   She gave me excellent feedback on what I was doing wrong along with what I was doing right.  
Her help has drastically improved my dating life.
I highly recommend that men who are returning to the dating world contact and work with Shula. Her help will lead to a very satisfying dating life."

- JN

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