Create greater possibilities in your relationships!  I work with couples of all sexual orientations, gender expressions and relationship models.  

Couples Coaching

  • Create greater possibilities in your relationships emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • Improve communication.

  • Explore desires and boundaries.

  • Create and maintain healthy relationship habits around life, work, sexuality and finances.

Pre Wedding Coaching

I meet with couples before their nuptials to discuss any hopes, dreams and anxieties about taking the next step in their commitment to each other.  Our sessions can lead to the creation of beautiful vows, a non denominational spiritual contract to one and other, and create a private space for the couple to check in before making a public display of their commitment. For more information click here. 

Contact me and we can discuss how I can help you!

"My partner and I finally reached out to Shula after a few years of not quite connecting in the bedroom. Although we felt very confident in our relationship in every other facet our struggles were real when it came to sexual intimacy.
We both felt so comfortable talking with her.  She assigned us an array of tools/worksheets that were incredibly helpful and opened our mind to alternative ways of looking at ourselves and dealing with our issues.

Shula was also very accommodating with our schedule. It was convenient to use Skype as getting to someone in person is impossible. We will continue to reach out to Shula to continue growing together as a couple.
Iā€™m very grateful we were referred to her and attribute the growth of our relationship to her helping us."