The Foundation is a month-long series of live video workshops for women that gives participants an opportunity to talk about intimacy, sexuality, and relationships.  We examine and identify individually held assumptions and limitations unique to each woman, as well as  become more comfortable with communicating desires while we learn to be open when others express theirs.  We discuss how our individual preferences, environment and culture can create possibilities within relationships as well as inhibit them.  

In The Foundation, I use what I have learned from coaching clients, facilitating workshops, and researching psychology and sexuality to bring you a unique group program you can participate in while in the comfort of your own space.  All you need is an open mind and good internet connection! The Foundation features four, 90 minute sessions that occur via video chat.  Additionally, each participant receives a 30-minute, one-on-one session with me prior to the first workshop, and a 30-minute session after the course is completed.   Each 8 person group will meet either on Monday or on Sunday evenings.  

The Foundation is for you if you:

  • Are tired of repeating the same relationship patterns with new or current partners.
  • Are single and want to learn the skills and tools for having a healthy relationship.
  • Are in a relationship or married and want to know how to build a better relationship to your partner through building a better relationship to yourself. 
  • Need help letting go of an old relationship or old relationship stories that are getting in the way of you creating the kind of deep connections you are craving.

Get ready to dig deep, get real and have fun!  

What to expect:  


The Foundation Session 1: Self Love and Communication

1.   Learning how to communicate your desires.  

2.   Examining self-limiting beliefs.  What are the fears or narratives that might be getting in the way of communicating your desires?  How might these beliefs also prohibit you from being receptive to another’s desires?

3.  Letting go of Shame. 

The Foundation Session 2: Relationships

1.   Understanding how we learn about relationships or how past relationships (including that with members of your community) influence current relationships.

2.   Boundaries

3.  Relationship styles: What kind of relationship do you want to have?  What are you open to?  What might you be open to as life moves forward?

4.   Communication 


The Foundation Session 3: Sex

1.   Pinnacles of pleasure: who are people who have influenced your sexuality?

2.   Personal sexual practice:  How do you get in touch with your own sexuality?

3.  How to find your authentic sexual voice? How do you express your sexuality with a partner?

4.   Pleasure, desire, fantasy and creating possibilities for the erotic.

5.   Boundaries: how to set, how to push.  


The Foundation Session 4: Creating an open “plan”

1.   Integration of all this self-knowledge

2.   Creating coping skills when self-doubt creeps in

3.  Intention setting

4.   Conclusions and virtual toast for all your hard work!

The Foundation GROUND RULES:

  • This is a judgment free zone and a body and sex positive space.  The Foundation provides a safe space to explore these sensitive topics.   
  • Be fully present and engage with the material.  You owe it to yourself to put as much in as you can.
  • Try on new ideas, examine behaviors, and discover your own voice within the discussion.  It will serve you outside this space too!
  • Adopt a mindset of acceptance for yourself and our group.
  • Communicate honestly, clearly and fearlessly. 

For information about pricing and dates please contact me at or input your information below and write The Foundation in the subject line.  Ready to build the foundation? Register here.

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